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Light It Up

Light It Up!! The perfect tune for ridin' waves! Written by Farmer Dave Scher
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Speak of Love EP Review on Slide & Banjo!

Special thanks to Marty for the review <3

Multi-instrumentalist and shaman to the California music scene Farmer Dave Scher has released a four-song EP titled "Speak of Love," his first solo release since 2009's "Flash Forward to the Good Times." While Farmer Dave is legendary both musically and artistically, his main output has been as part of bands such as Beachwood Sparks, The Skiffle Players, and Kurt Vile and the Violators. This offering affords Farmer Dave the luxury of an unfiltered platform to get his message out.

Scher begins, "The EP is called "Speak of Love" and the songs have to do with a certain journey in that regard. Viewing love from a couple of different angles, as if you were holding it up like a crystal. It was an international four song journey and it was a different approach. "This little EP has its own message and mission. "Speak of Love" is something for this time and place. For people to see I'm not trying to be all that and a bag of chips. I'm following my heart and saying what I believe is happening."

While part of the EP covers a breakup in Farmer Dave's past, there is also significant attention paid to the theme of pitching in and doing our share to maximize the greatness and potential of the earth we live on. A topic tread lightly for some musicians, but a lifestyle for Farmer Dave.

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“Speak of Love” EP by Farmer Dave Scher OUT NOW!!!



Speak of Love EP out Oct. 2nd!



FD Joins All Star Cast for New Project Hermanos Cosmico !



FD to Perform at Benefit Concert for the People of the Amazon 6/10/20


 I’ll be playing a live set in a concert benefitting people of the Amazon Rainforest this Wednesday, June 10, along with some great musicians such as Devendra Banhart, Santiparro, Avey Tare, Will Oldham, Tony Moss, and many others.


There is great hardship among the people there due to COVID-19 as well as the continuing ravages of industrialization… they are in dire need of our collective attention and support.


We can change the story… it’s why we’re here!


Please join us for the event and please help spread the word, it’s going to be a beautiful scene.   Love and Thanks,



Black Lives Matter!




I am standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, willing to learn how to be a better ally, to help to make a new way of life for all people to live free in equality as I believe is our human destiny. Love and prayers to everybody around the world making a stand, making a statement, and finding their voices... now is the time!! We are in this together. I love you, you are not alone...don’t give up the fight!!

An Earth Day Message From F.D.



FD Scores Surf Film… Big Props!



"Trevor Gordon sips on the cool waters of California. While we are all resting our bones at home, allow "Boo Bapp Bleep" to stretch your mind. A dose of meditative medicine that is gently hammered home through the healing powers of Farmer Dave. Slip into something comfortable (again) and enjoy the ride." Filmed by: Will Adler, Kanoa Zimmerman and Jack Coleman

Californiosos Release Elemental Ode to the Goddess, “Sister Magick”



“’Sister Magick’ is an elemental and heartfelt ode to the Goddess, the feminine energy as she appears in all creation, in Mother Nature, and inside all of us, regardless of gender … we have a pretty wicked patriarchy hangover as a civilization right now, and it’s a process of re-awakening we’re going through … a heavy trip, yes, but ultimately, it’s our destiny to return to Nature and reclaim our true power as a species. Sister Magick, we love you!”

“Sister Magick” and the Californiosos LP are available here from Earthstar’s own label. 

Californiosos:  Album Release 2.20.20 !!!!


The Big Day Has Come... Hear it, Hear it, Everywhere:


FDWOW + Pacific Range = FUN Weekend!

Look Out, California.. Big Fun in Malibu and Santa Barbara 2/15 + 2/16.. join us!

Californiosos Make Big Splash, Feb 2020 !



Californiosos Debut Album Comes out 2/20/20 !  Singles being released weekly on all streaming platforms leading up to the date.

Farmer Dave teams up with Michael Vest for a special collection of songs, videos, spells, and antics not to be missed!

To keep in touch with the latest:


Farmer Dave & the WOW with Pearl Charles in Lake Arrowhead, Sat Oct 26!


it’s #mountain_magic  at the Tudor House in Lake Arrowhead, 
with Farmer Dave & the WoW, Pearl Charles, and Steve Taylor
Saturday 10/26
All Ages / Doors + dinner at 6pm, show at 8pm




Come hear Californiosos on the music platform of your choice.... ¡Viva !

Farmer Dave Joins Cass McCombs in Southwestern Tour, 10/09-10/13


"Hey Hey!

I’ll be playing with in the Southwest, and also opening the shows !

Will def play songs no one but my lizard has ever heard… mega-psyched!

Love you, Dudes and Dudettes……..FD"


10/09 @ Music Box, San Diego, CA

10/10 @Valley Bar  , Phoenix AZ

10/12 @191 Toole  , Tucson, AZ

10/13 @Meow Wolf   , Santa Fe, NM




Farmer Dave Melodica Solo, “Peaks of Yew” w Mattson 2 + Adam MacDougal, Regent Theater 9/30/19


Farmer Dave melodica solo, "Peaks of Yew", with the Mattson 2 and Adam Macdougal.
   This performance was part of "Sweeten the Distance", a benefit concert for Musicares, and Therasurf, in loving memory of Neal Casal.
Footage by Erica Ortiz






CALICO:  Pt. Reyes w Allah Las, The Tyde +++++ !!!!




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