Farmer Dave Scher
  • Radio HOT PACIFIC: Shiro Schwarz

    Smashing Sounds from Mexico City's Shiro Schwarz... again the score is Love-Love ... Enjoy

  • Radio HOT PACIFIC: Drug Cabin

    Nathan of Drug Cabin bringing some s-o-u-n-d-s

  • SWIMM Radio Meets Radio HOT PACIFIC

    Nicely done, Lads

  • Radio Club Pacific: Massenger

    Sasha from Massenger sends out good sound and cheer through space and time...ENJOY.

  • Radio Club Pacific: Dream Boys

    Enter this world, leave your bags at the door....

  • Pharaohs: Primavera Myx

    Spring Vibes from Pharaohs for Radio Club Pacific

  • KMOM

    Special Podcast for Mom's 70th B Day

  • Radio Club Pacific: Jason from the Spires

    A thoughtful trip w Jason from the Spires...dive in!

  • Radio Club Pacific: Valentino's Choice

    Heart Selections from The Champion... Love Is You

  • Radio Club Pacific: Maestro's Mood

    Love is in the Air, Alan Maestro's on the move

  • Radio Club Pacific: Miss M.E.

    Enter the Doom Wop world of Miss M.E. see you on the other side

  • Radio Club Pacific: SUNFOOT

    Hang on, seriously

  • Radio Club Pacific: SUNFOOT !!!

    hang on tight

  • Radio Club Pacific: Seth Pettersen

    Friendly Takeover by Seth Pettersen of SP & The Undertow....mental

  • Hot Nuts Jingle Featuring the Talented Becky Stark

  • Radio Club Pacific: F.D. Interviews Denny Aaberg 8.8.12

    Feel the History unfold.. experience the legend

  • Radio Club Pacific: August Inspirations

    FD Set inspired by August's music lineup. Feel the pull of the musical tide, let yourself get swept away...

  • Radio Club Pacific: "Farmer II... the Commander's Lost Mixtape"

    Unearthed 70's style summer mixtape from the Commander

  • Radio Club Pacific Magic! Magic Roses June Blast Off

    it's rad...

  • Radio Club Pacific: Babies On Acid 5.10.12

    B.O.A. with a full set of originals and covers... a real treat

  • Club Pacific Ad 5.10.12

  • Radio Club Pacific: The Allah-Cuervos Silver Bonus Set w Paz of Entrance and FD....ouch!

  • Radio Club Pacific: Allah-Las " 1 Year Anniversary Patron Silver Set"

    Allah-Las spinning grand platters at FD's Venice Space Station 4/1/12

  • Club Pacific AD 4.12.12

  • "Stingray Hoverboard Hour" FD live DJ set On Dublab 3/29/12

    hang on, this was a fun one smile

  • Club Pacific Ad: 3.8.12

  • Radio Club Pacific: F.D. w/ Haim + Exclusive Track "Go Slow" Premiered

  • DJ Frosty: "Celsius Drop- Club Pacific Cosmic Dance Special 1.12"

    Frosty in the mix for :::PHARAOHS::: and Friends January 2012

  • Club Pacific Ad 12/11


  • Radio Club Pacific: Stellar MegaMix from Nicole Turley of Swahili Blonde

    a fine 100 minute mega mix from Nicole Turley of Swahili Blonde 12/11...czech it!

  • Radio Club Pacific: Turquoise Wisdom's December Vibes Mix

    Turquoise Wisdom comes through with a self expression session...

  • Radio Club Pacific: In the Mix w / L.J. Cool Dre: "Las Flores Serious"

    Pretty Serious

  • F.D. Speaks with Carlos Nino on Spaceways Radio, KPFK 10.10.11

    the gents discuss Club Pacific and more... jump in

  • Radio Club Pacific: F.D. w/ Matt Popieluch of Big Search

    F.D. Speaks Guest DJ Matt Popieluch of Big Search, who plays 2 specially-curated sets of music

  • Radio Club Pacific: FD Speaks With the Mattson 2

    Interview July 2011

  • Surf Out Sunset Ocean Strings Texture (Ambient)

    ambient elements from "Surf Out Sunset" chill out!

  • Club Pacific Ad (audio)

    by E.E. Johnson

  • Machine Boogie #6

    sound collage work for live silent performance Natural History Museum 2006

  • Lonesome Whistle Seven

    sound collage for Natural History Museum Sonic Event 2006

  • Hot Nuts Jingle

    Farmer Dave's Roasted Hot Nuts Theme Song

  • Go Away

    F.D. plays Acetone Organ with E.C. and the Impostors (from Momofuku album)

  • Daylight 'till Dawn

    Opening song from All Night Radio "Spirit Stereo Frequency"

  • Priest, Poet, and the Pig

    co -Produced by F.D. Scher, for Vietnam "Welcome to my Room", also playing steel guitar

  • Johnathan Rice "Girl Called Miami"

    F.D. co-produced and played atmospheric steel guitar on this track

  • You Pick Up

    Song from Farmer Daves 2009 solo album

  • Hot Nuts Jingle

    Theme Song for Farmer Dave's Roasted Hot Nuts