Farmer Dave Scher



F.D. on Myspace

F.D.‘s page on
check out F.D. on, home of Future Roots Music and much more

The Calming Seas
Fan-maintained site for all things in the Beachwood Sparks universe

Hollow Trees
Good People who built this site

Mollusk Surf Shop
Great Surfshop(s), Bastions of West Coast Culture

Kemado Records

released F.D.‘s “Flash Forward to the Good Times”

Sub Pop Records
(releasers of Beachwood Sparks and All Night Radio)

Stories Books + Cafe, Los Angeles
cool shop which sells F.D.‘s Hot Nuts

Alia Penner
Artist who did “FF2GT” Album Cover

Eric E. Johnson
Jovial Painter, Poet, and Friend

Hit+Run Crew
Screenprinting artists and collaborators on F.D. shirts and more