Farmer Dave Scher


Farmer Dave Scher is an artist from Southern California who specializes in the music / sound healing / DJ / visual arts mediums.

In addition to his involvement with Beachwood Sparks, All Night Radio, F.D. & The Wizards of the West, The Skiffle Players, and his self-titled work, Scher has worked as a producer and touring / session musician with Animal Collective,  Elvis Costello, Interpol, Jenny Lewis, Kurt Vile, Will Oldham, and many others.

A multi-instrumentalist, Scher is known for his textural steel guitar playing and creative use of waveform editing, deriving themes and inspiration from forms and patterns existing in Nature, the cosmos… and beyond.
  He has a particular love for the ocean and its creatures, and often emulates the sound and feel of the Sea with his music.

In 2015, Scher formed the sound healing duo Rhythms of Vision with Kassia Meador.

Scher is also the man behind Farmer Dave’s Hot Nuts, a habanero-roasted almond snack based on a family recipe.

Mr. Scher lives and works in Mar Vista, CA.  He enjoys beach living, surfing, and going into Nature whenever possible.