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HOT PACIFIC # 12:  The Return of FD & the Hot Pacific Band w/ The Pesos + DJs Valida & Heidi

HOT PACIFIC # 12:  The Return of F.D. & the Hot Pacific Band, The Pesos, Valida & Heidi

June 12
 Return of 
F.d & The Hot Pacific Band
With Certified Facemelters:
The Pesos
DJs Valida & Heidi
Once Again
The score is Love Love
$10 9pm

B Day Bash and Beyond

F.D.‘s HOT PACIFIC:  3 Year Anniversary!




HOT PACIFIC # 9:  Tropical Escape Music (NL) , Josh Anzano

For April we have music of the Tropical Escape style from the Netherlands.... more clues to come.  Local favorite Josh Anzano

rounds out the evening... resident DJs Valida and Heidi also hold it down... gonna to be amazing....  (feel the Skull)


Thursday, April 10 @ the Del Monte

52 Windward Ave

Venice CA 90291
$8, 21+, 9pm

Radio HOT PACIFIC: NO ZU “HotSpecificHeatBeat”


NO ZU bring us Tropical Heat from Down Under in commemoration of HOT PACIFIC # 8, @ the Del Monte Speakeasy, Venice Beach CA 3.13.14

...FD in the Roaring 90s

photo by Sasha Eisenmann

NO ZU::: Mind Tape


Happy Listening....



    Absolute Beauty Awaits at HOT PACIFIC #8....


    from Australia, the Heat Beat Sound of NO ZU :
    ...and from Los Angeles, CA:
    9pm, 21+, $10
    VENICE CA 90291



    Bros. Marshall Vid Music by Secret Circuit



    HOT PACIFIC # 7:  PHARAOHS, Secret Circuit, DJs Valida & Heidi… Beyond Mental!



    Secret Circuit


    Pharaoh's DJ Mix on Russia's Follow Me Radio:





    Beyond Mental... Beyond !!!!!

    Thursday, Feb 13th @The Del Monte

    52 Windward Ave, Venice CA 9pm, 21+

    HOT PACIFIC # 6:  A Certified Scorcher Awaits



    Radio HOT PACIFIC:  Tara and Frankie’s Indian Summer of Love

    It's Tara Fox and Frankie Lee's Indian Summer of Love.... beautiful sounds in anticipation of

    HOT PACIFIC JANUARY, coming this 1/9 to Venice Beach... Oh Yes...


  • Tara & Frankie

  • HOT PACIFIC:  The Spires, Early Dolphin, Tara Fox,,, DJs Valida + Heidi

    Gonna be a hot one....


    Live Music By:

    The Spires



    Representing the mighty Burger Records,  

    we have


    Early Dolphin


    Tara Fox & Frankie Lee


    Heidi and Valida


    Hold on Tight.... another Certified Banger approaches!

    January 9 @ the Del Monte 

    52 Windward Ave

    Venice Ca



    A Special Greeting



    Radio HOT PACIFIC:  Drug Cabin’s “Hot Pacifier”

    Here it is:  "Hot Pacifier" ...Nathan from Drug Cabin w (((((s-o-u-n-d-s))))

  • HOT PACIFIC:  Drug Cabin + WARM,,, DJs Valida + Heidi

    HOT PACIFIC December:  Drug Cabin + WARM,,, DJs Valida + Heidi

    December will be quite toasty (or toast-ed) with the great sounds of Drug Cabin. Check the excellent vid above.


     Equally not cold, WARM is a synthesizer facemelt by Gabe of the mighty Gap Dream, a great band on Burger Records of Fullerton, CA (more info HERE)

    Local Heavy Hitters Heidi and Valida will most likely be spinning incredible grooves to round up this sure to be unforgettable evening....

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    Enter Club Pacific:

    Radio Club Pacific

  • Radio HOT PACIFIC: Shiro Schwarz

    Smashing Sounds from Mexico City's Shiro Schwarz... again the score is Love-Love ... Enjoy

  • Radio HOT PACIFIC: Drug Cabin

    Nathan of Drug Cabin bringing some s-o-u-n-d-s

  • SWIMM Radio Meets Radio HOT PACIFIC

    Nicely done, Lads

  • Radio Club Pacific: Massenger

    Sasha from Massenger sends out good sound and cheer through space and time...ENJOY.

  • Radio Club Pacific: Dream Boys

    Enter this world, leave your bags at the door....

  • Pharaohs: Primavera Myx

    Spring Vibes from Pharaohs for Radio Club Pacific

  • Radio Club Pacific: Jason from the Spires

    A thoughtful trip w Jason from the Spires...dive in!

  • Radio Club Pacific: Valentino's Choice

    Heart Selections from The Champion... Love Is You

  • Radio Club Pacific: Maestro's Mood

    Love is in the Air, Alan Maestro's on the move

  • Radio Club Pacific: Miss M.E.

    Enter the Doom Wop world of Miss M.E. see you on the other side

  • Radio Club Pacific: SUNFOOT

    Hang on, seriously

  • Radio Club Pacific: Seth Pettersen

    Friendly Takeover by Seth Pettersen of SP & The Undertow....mental

  • Radio Club Pacific: F.D. Interviews Denny Aaberg 8.8.12

    Feel the History unfold.. experience the legend

  • Radio Club Pacific: August Inspirations

    FD Set inspired by August's music lineup. Feel the pull of the musical tide, let yourself get swept away...

  • Radio Club Pacific: "Farmer II... the Commander's Lost Mixtape"

    Unearthed 70's style summer mixtape from the Commander

  • Radio Club Pacific Magic! Magic Roses June Blast Off

    it's rad...

  • Radio Club Pacific: Babies On Acid 5.10.12

    B.O.A. with a full set of originals and covers... a real treat

  • Club Pacific Ad 5.10.12

  • Radio Club Pacific: The Allah-Cuervos Silver Bonus Set w Paz of Entrance and FD....ouch!

  • Radio Club Pacific: Allah-Las " 1 Year Anniversary Patron Silver Set"

    Allah-Las spinning grand platters at FD's Venice Space Station 4/1/12

  • Club Pacific AD 4.12.12

  • Club Pacific Ad: 3.8.12

  • Radio Club Pacific: F.D. w/ Haim + Exclusive Track "Go Slow" Premiered

  • DJ Frosty: "Celsius Drop- Club Pacific Cosmic Dance Special 1.12"

    Frosty in the mix for :::PHARAOHS::: and Friends January 2012

  • Club Pacific Ad 12/11


  • Radio Club Pacific: Stellar MegaMix from Nicole Turley of Swahili Blonde

    a fine 100 minute mega mix from Nicole Turley of Swahili Blonde 12/11...czech it!

  • Radio Club Pacific: Turquoise Wisdom's December Vibes Mix

    Turquoise Wisdom comes through with a self expression session...

  • Radio Club Pacific: In the Mix w / L.J. Cool Dre: "Las Flores Serious"

    Pretty Serious

  • F.D. Speaks with Carlos Nino on Spaceways Radio, KPFK 10.10.11

    the gents discuss Club Pacific and more... jump in

  • Radio Club Pacific: F.D. w/ Matt Popieluch of Big Search

    F.D. Speaks Guest DJ Matt Popieluch of Big Search, who plays 2 specially-curated sets of music

  • Radio Club Pacific: FD Speaks With the Mattson 2

    Interview July 2011

  • Club Pacific Ad (audio)

    by E.E. Johnson